About Company | Przedsiębiorstwo FRYDA - Sklepy Fabryczne Kegel-Błażusiak - producent Odzieży Roboczej, Obuwia Roboczego oraz Pokrowców na Fotele Samochodowe Odzież Robocza & Pokrowce miarowe do samochodów

Fryda Company is one of the oldest and biggest distributors of Kegel-Blazusiak Company.

We started our business on 16-02-1998. We sell in two points of sale and via the Internet. Our offer includes several hundred products of the Kegel-Błażusiak company, including: car covers, car mats, other car accessories. The second branch is high quality work and protective clothing and footwear. We have our own designs and also carry out individual customer orders for wholesale orders. Due to the scale of our operation, we can provide our customers with attractive prices. A constant supply of goods in stock allows for immediate delivery of orders.

We have more than 20 000 customers, and from 11 000 of them we have received positive written opinions on the quality of goods and service, as well as numerous awards from our main supplier.

We have the “SAFE SHOPPING Euro-Label” certificate which confirms the methods we use to guarantee our customers safe transactions.

Our offer is addressed to all those who appreciate brand-name products at attractive prices, promptly delivered by professional service and the possibility of comfortable and safe shopping without leaving your home or company.